On top of our economical website design, we offer plenty of other services for your digital presence.

Solid Support Service

Focus on your business, and let us manage your website. We’ll keep your website running smoothly with monitoring, optimisation and support.

  • Personalised support for the day-to-day running of your website.
  • Ongoing website optimisation for steady performance and speed.
  • Monthly website performance and analytics reports.
  • Regular backups and updating of your site’s software for greater security and reliability.
  • Site content updates (text and images) and site support.

Responsive/Mobile Ready Websites

Responsive screens

Fact: 76% of Australians have internet-ready mobile devices.Fact: Australian’s spend an average of 61 minutes per day accessing the internet from a mobile device.

Fact: Australian’s usage of mobile internet is accelerating quickly.

Fact: Websites that aren’t responsive are difficult and frustrating to use on a smartphone or tablet.
Source: Magna Global Research

“Responsive” means the layout of your website changes at different screen sizes, so your content looks great on smartphones and tablets without having to manage a separate mobile website.

Email Newsletters

Engage your potential and existing customers with an easy-to-use email newsletterEmail newsletters are far more cost effective than just about any non-digital promotional activity you can think of. Not only is the setup cost small, it’s often free to keep an email newsletter database and send regular emails to your subscribers.

We’ll design a custom newsletter that compliments the design of your website. Signup forms will be added to your website to convert website visitors to potential clients.

Email newsletter

Custom Email Address Setup

Custom email address setup
Free accounts look cheap (and you don’t want your business to come across as being stingy).Stop using generic and unprofessional looking “@hotmail” and “@gmail” email addresses. Establish trust and professionalism with a custom email address.

With your new website you’ll get a custom domain name, and that gives you the ability to send emails from your new personalised domain. We’ll setup your custom email address and instruct you on how to use it in your existing systems.


You’re an expert at your business, but you’re probably not an expert copy writer. Powerful words on your website go a long way to converting website visitors to paying customers.Our professional and expert copy writers will bring your website to life.

Our team of copy writers have been carefully selected to have the right mix of creativity, business experience and knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.


Logo Design

Logo design
Building a website increases the exposure of your business, so build your business name with a custom logo.For any type of industry, our experienced designers will create a memorable and iconic logo that suits your needs.


Asset Sourcing

Images on the internet are powerful – they can invoke responses and move people to take action. While our professional copy writing service makes your words punchy, appropriate images make a big difference, as website visitors tend to scan rather than fully read a webpage.Cheap stock photos are available – professional images, icons and illustrations – the only problem is there are 100′s of 1000′s to sort through, and you might not be choosing the right ones. Our designers know what to look for, and can source assets for your content that make an impact.

Asset sourcing

E-commerce (Online Shopping)

Digital shopping cart
Open your business up to the world.Cost effective e-commerce solutions allow you to sell online without the overheads of a physical business.

Web Accessibility

Many websites, especially government websites, need to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The World Wide Web Consortium has created WCAG 2.0 to make web content accessible to people with a wide range of vision, hearing, mental and physical disabilities.

The guidelines are vast and complex, we have experience implementing the specified techniques for state accredited institutions.

WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility by W3C


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